Basic Facts on Lemon Detox Diet

People think that becoming healthy is expensive. Perhaps, they are referring to fitness machines, diet supplements, gym classes and the like. However, if you think that way it will lead you nowhere. As beginners, we can start by infusing free detox diet in our daily meals. Free detox diet is not rocket science, all we need do to is to have at least the basic knowledge on which foods that can help us achieve our objective – to be healthy.

Let us start with lemon detox diet. Basically, lemon is the fruit that will always turn into lemonade or tea. Maybe, you already have an idea of its nutritional value and culinary value. Nonetheless, let us examine it closely.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) listed down its nutritional value per 100 g. It contains 2.8 g of dietary fiber, ideal for good digestion. Vitamin B complex is also present: Thiamine (3%), Riboflavin (2%), Niacin (1%), Pantothenic Acid (4%), Vitamin B6 (6%) and Folate (3%). These vitamins help us in the following: (1) improve metabolism; (2) maintain skin and hair; (3) tone muscles; (4) enhance immune and nervous system; (5) make cells healthy especially red blood cells; and (6) reduce chances of cancers. Furthermore, lemons have Vitamin C (64%), Iron (5%), Calcium (3%), Potassium (3%), Magnesium (2%), Phosphorous (2%) and Zinc (1%). These nutrients are likewise necessary in order for us to perform our daily activities.

Now let us know how much or how many should we consume?

Ideally, it is recommended that you start with lemon detox diet slowly. Too many lemons might cause stomach problems due to its acidic property. One can start by drinking (fresh) lemon juices about 2 – 3 liters on the first 3 days and approximately 2 glasses for breakfast. Once, your body is used to it you can increase your consumption by a half a liter a day.

Also remember to equip your lemon detox diet with healthy eating and living lifestyle.

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